A Change In Culture, Clothing, And Shoes

August 10th, 2013

Lifestyles in the city are vastly dissimilar from the ways of people in the country. The expansive cultural separation between the two segments of society can make it hard to believe that they actually exist in the same world. The gaps are socially ingrained, but they are subconsciously enforced by drastic juxtapositions between economic means of each group.

Educational resources are relatively meager in country areas. Academic institutions are placed in the big cities, which is also true of libraries. This culminates in significant dialectical differences for each group’s language. Slang does not equivocally translate because Read the rest of this entry »

Ya’ll Seriously Ain’t Gonna Believe This

June 1st, 2013

City life is frenetic, fractured and disconnected. Country life is easy, smooth and interconnected.

City folks pick their apples in the produce section and believe apples come from grocery stores. Country folks pick their apples from the backyard and know they grow from a tree.

City folks say hi to each other and move quickly on. Country folks say hello and get to hear an interesting story along with it.

City folks want to save a stream for the environment but have Read the rest of this entry »

The Country Guys vs. The City Guys

March 23rd, 2013

When it comes to living different lifestyles, country guys and city guys are just about as different as one can get. To understand these differences, one must delve into the culture and practices that accompany each lifestyle. Additionally, it is important to note that many people successfully live within both of these worlds by living in one type of environment while working in the other. Here, are some of the main differences that one can expect when Read the rest of this entry »

Learning To Slow Down And Relax A Little

June 20th, 2012

When it comes to work, school, job hunting, taking caring of kids, or any other daily adventures, stress can be inevitable. Not only are people trying to fit more activities into their every day life, but they are also doing everything at a faster pace. While human beings have always kept themselves busy one way or another, it would seem we have brought on too much sometimes. A good rule of thumb is to slow down and relax a little.

With a busy schedule comes less sleep, less down time, and sometimes less socializing with people we care Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Use To The Different Smells Of Country Life

June 19th, 2012

If any of you are city-dwellers who love the hustle, bustle, and face-paced life of the big city, you may have a small problem in getting used to the different smells of country life.

if you have decided to make the big move from the pollution and smog of the big city air, you may have to deal with different types of smells if you have moved to the country. Country life is wonderful, however, Read the rest of this entry »

Foods You May Be A Little Leery To Try

June 17th, 2012

If you have ever even read about life in the country, then chances are you have heard a few things that sound different to you and of course the same can be said about foods that you may find to eat in restaurants on the countryside versus fancier city restaurants. Keep in mind though that just because it sounds strange and disgusting, does not mean that it really is. The following foods are foods that you may be leery to try when visiting the country, but you may be surprised to find them tastier then you thought.Want more? Click < Read the rest of this entry »

Learning the Language – Differences Between City And Country Speak

June 14th, 2012

It may be difficult to notice the differences between City and Country speak at first. There are subtle meaning changes as well as unusual major word usage that may occur during interaction between rural country folk and city urban dwellers. This can prove to be a difficult situation for individuals moving out to the country when their new neighbors are miles away compared to next door in an apartment complex.

Country language speech patterns may have colloquial usage that is only observable in certain isolated Read the rest of this entry »

Country Life At A Different Pace

June 10th, 2012

The nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away yet you feel closer to them because they’re your good friends, too. Everyone for several miles around knows each other intimately, and one Saturday night each month, all gather for a pot luck dinner at the old one room school house that has been closed for years. The kids have fun playing games and writing on the blackboards.

Nobody goes out in the morning to pick up the paper because there is no delivery. We turn on the radio to catch Read the rest of this entry »